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    coatmaster Academy


    AluCoating Perfectly Tunes into its Paint Supplier to Manage Small Batches and prove to be...

    ipcm® n. 69 05-2021

    Non-Contact Measurement for Resource-Efficient Production

    IST 14-2021

    Predefined Coating Thicknesses for Vehicle Bodies and Wheel Rims

    IST 12-2020

    Reliable Measurements of Textured Surfaces

    IST 07-2020

    Local server or straight into the cloud: Which solution meets my needs?

    Coatmaster Newsletter 06-2020

    Find the right gauge for monitoring your process: Methods of measurement system analysis

    coatmaster Newsletter 04-2020

    Powder coating coverage of sharp edges before curing

    coatmaster Newsletter 03-2020

    What is the difference between Accuracy & Precision?

    coatmaster Newsletter 02-2020

    Accurate thickness measurement of e-coats

    coatmaster Newsletter 01-2020

    Non-Contact Coating Thickness Measurement Ensures Protection Against Corrosion

    JOT Corrosion 06-2019

    Defining the thickness of adhesive layers without contact in Automative industry

    Pitture e Vernici European Coatings 05-2019

    Noncontact measurement of adhesive coating thickness

    adhesion ADHESIVES + SEALANTS, 01-2019

    Non-contact Coating Thickness Measurement of Adhesives (German)

    adhäsion, 11-2018


    SEF4KMU, 06-2018

    Wollen Winterthurs Job-Motor werden

    Der Landbote, 08-2018

    Process control of thermally sprayed coatings

    JOT, 03-2017

    Savings potential of powder coating through inline coating thickness measurement in the field test

    JOT, Whitepaper

    Modern quality assurance for adhesion- promoting layers

    JOT, 08-2015

    Closed Loop Control of the Coating Thickness in Powder Coating Machines

    JOT, 02-2015

    Coating thickness control (German)

    Mo, 12-2014

    Efficient powder coating of MDF boards (German)

    Besser Lackieren, 06-2014

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