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T +41 52 511 83 11

Please call me back

Please call me back


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    Individual appointment

    Book an appointment with one of our optimisation experts today!

    It works that simple

    Convince yourself of the potential of non-contact coating thickness measurement with the coatmaster. Book an appointment on our online calendar today. The individual session lasts approx. 30-60 minutes. You will find out what concrete benefits the coatmaster will bring for your production and your area of application.

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    Book an appointment

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    Webinar recordings

    Open webinars on the latest topics and developments in coating thickness measurement

    Here you can find the recordings of our webinars on Coating Process Optimization for Automotive Components, Job Coating, Profile Powder Coating Process, Battery Electrode Coatings, Non-contact coating thickness measurement, Corrosion protection, etc.




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