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    The coatmaster products

    Advanced Thermal Optics by coatmaster

    The coatmaster technology (ATO) allows the thickness of the coating to be measured immediately after application. The technology operates contactless and non-destructive without dangerous emissions and is suitable for coating metal, paper, rubber, ceramics, glass, plastic and wood surfaces.

    Solution for contactless coating thickness measurement.

    Handheldcoatmaster Flex

    • Process control
    • Complete documentation
    • Material saving
    «Fast and reproducible measurement even on critical parts with narrow surfaces.»
    Dr. Klaus Rehm, Deputy Head of Competence Division Integrated Planning and Production, BFH
    «With the coatmaster we have reduced our powder consumption by28%.»
    Kai Altenburg, Head of Surface Technology, Ernst Schweizer Metallbau

    Technical data: Substrate Metal

    Powder coating

    10 – 300 µm

    Wet coating

    10 – 300 µm

    Cured coating

    10 – 500 µm

    Measuring time

    0.25 s

    Distance tolerance

    2 – 15 cm

    Tilt tolerance

    ± 70°

    Measurement on moving parts


    Relative standard deviation

    < 1 %

    Waiting time between two measurements

    2 s


    All data are valid for a typical system of coating and substrate.

    Exact limits always depend on physical properties of the coating material.


    coatmaster Flex

    Just pick it up and start measuring.

    This handheld is the most innovative one in terms of contactless coating thickness measurement.

    Would you like to measure the coating thickness early in the process in order to save material and avoid coating mistakes? Then the coatmaster Flex is the right measurement device for you.

    Optimize your process and get your coatmaster Flex now. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days after delivery, you can return it free of charge.

    Convince yourself of the efficiency and save up to 6’000 Euro per month of coating material per production line. Reduce rejects and increase production quality.

    coatmaster AG

    Flugplatzstrasse 5
    CH-8404 Winterthur
    +41 52 2120277
    [email protected]

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