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    News & Press Releases

    World-first AI process control co-operation for powder coating lines

    25. January 2022

    coatmaster AG and coatingAI AG have agreed a strategic co-operation which leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive even greater quality, efficiency and profitability – with associated environmental benefits too – for customers in the automated powder coating line industry. 

    The world’s first closed-loop control solution for automated powder coating processes, produced by coatingAI, will draw on data from coatmaster thickness measuring devices featuring latest optical sensor technology. Together, they will automatically and intuitively control powder coating lines towards process stability. This will not only result in reduced coating material consumption and better homogeneity, but also in lower personnel resource requirements, thus producing a quality product while reducing material and labor costs – as well as proactively minimizing the environmental footprint.

    Marlon Boldrini, CEO of coatingAI AG said: “The combination of coatmaster’s Advanced Thermal Optics technology sensors and coatingAI’s smart algorithm-driven advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies harnesses two powerful digital age tools to deliver real benefits for people – and the planet.”

    coatingAI for powder coating plants

    Prof. Dr. Nils Reinke, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of coatmaster AG commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with coatingAI and look forward to helping customers in the automated coating line sector confront two major challenges – producing quality results and overcoming the shortage of skilled labor – and both of those while ensuring continued profitability.”



    Through sophisticated machine learning algorithms, coatingAI leverages the power of artificial intelligence to automate coating processes and boost efficiency and quality while proactively reducing environmental impacts. Data collection and field testing phases are currently underway and a full product launch is scheduled for Q2 2022.


    The multiple award-winning coatmaster AG was founded ten years ago to develop and offer patented measuring systems for the fast, non-contact and non-destructive thickness measurement testing of industrial coatings. Based on Advanced Thermal Optics (ATO) Technology, coatmaster products have become the international benchmark for the production of high quality surfaces. Currently, coatmaster sensing technologies are being used within highly automated production lines by the automotive, white goods and other industrial sectors at over 50 sites in Europe and Asia.



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